Gallery of the vicars of

St John's Church, Hazelwood

Revd. John Horner Jenkins

First vicar from 1846 to 1883


John Horner Jenkins is buried in the churchyard.

The inscription on his memorial stone in the church reads:

  "He left a name for simplicity of character,
  for earnest eloquence,
  and for brilliancy of gifts
  which will not soon be forgotten."

Revd. William Henry Turner        Revd. F. V. Hughes              Revd. F. L. Sargent
                Second vicar                                  Third vicar                                  Fourth vicar 
            from 1885 to 1923                         from 1924 to 1933                       from 1933 to 1948

      Revd. Herbert Meakin            Revd. R. P. Russell         Revd. Oliver Fielding Clarke
                  Fifth vicar                                   Sixth vicar                                 Seventh vicar
            from 1949 to 1958                       from 1958 to 1960                         from 1960 to 1967

     Revd. Michael Crosse           Canon F. J. B. Goodwin         Revd. Mike Alexander
                 Eigth vicar                                   Nineth vicar                                   Tenth vicar
           from 1968 to 1974                         from 1974 to 1985                        from 1985 to 1989

    Revd. Norman Daughtry            Revd. Peter Lyne               Revd. Robert Harris
               Eleventh vicar                       Honorary Priest-in-Charge                     Twelfth vicar
            from 1990 to 1993                        during interregnum                       from 1999 to 2010
                                                                from 1995 to 1999

        Revd. David Railton
             Thirteenth vicar
         from 2011 to present